Tyohar Hamper

Let’s celebrate this festive season with Sugandhee’s “Tyohar” Hamper

This hamper includes

1. Jasmine fragrance candle - 50 grams Burn time 12+hours

2. Honeysuckle fragrance candle - 50 grams Burn time 12+hours

3. Sandalwood fragrance candle - 50 grams Burn time 12+hours

4. One Rose fragrance Wax bar. It will come with a string to tie it in your cupboard or a drawer

5. A greeting card from Sugandhee Candles

6. All this comes in a peach coloured gift box

Let’s spread light, warmth and fragrance this Tyohar

Monsoon Magic

Welcome to monsoon magic at Sugandhee Candles. Let’s revive or make your happy monsoon memories with Sugandhee’s monsoon fragrances.

Two amazing fragrances which will take you away straight to fresh rainy season.

Rain Forest

Sweet and amazing fragrance of orchid flower will fill your home and gives you a feeling of a forest. Where rain has just poured its magic and everything is so fresh and green. Amazingly aromatic experience it will be.

Green Meadow

Monsoon has sprinkle its magic on a vast meadow where grass is green, sky is filled with black clouds, breeze is cool and fresh. Green Meadow is filled with fresh scents of honey, cucumber, sandalwood and bamboo. A very fresh and aromatic experience you must have!!


With crisp top notes of bitter orange and a spicy hint of cinnamon. An irresistibly delicious winter fragrance can never go wrong!! Tuck yourself in a warm blanket, have a cup of hot chocolate and lit Orange Cinnamon fragrant Sugandhee. Let it spread its warmth around you!!


Bring home the warmth of the fresh brewed coffee. Sugandhee’s new coffee fragrant candle will be one of your favourite. It’s toasty, sweet, warm and chocolaty fragrance will take you straight to your favourite coffee house. Revive or make happy memories with your loved once, while drinking your favourite cup of coffee and Sugandhee’s coffee candle will accompany you.


Honeysuckle will fill your home with it’s rich sweet sweet aroma. It’s very fruity and warm with the hints of honey and ripe citrus fragrance will be one of your favourite for sure. A must if you love floral fragrance. You won’t get disappointed..


Stop and smell the Roses.. Rose fragrance is amazing and most delicious smell of all. Smelling of Roses encourages you to slow down to appreciate what is around. The fragrance is magical ability to calm you down and lift up your spirit.


Lavender is a floral fragrance, and has strong and botanical feel. It’s calming effect is useful to reduce stress and anxiety.

Mango + coconut

A sweet, juicy and delicious Mango fragrance will straight away take you to those precious summer memories you have. Added coconut fragrance will give you a feel of that exotic beach holiday and will surely be one of the favourites.


A sandalwood fragrance is a rich woody smell. Mixed with the hint of floral fragrance, gives you a earthy feel too. It helps in meditation and help calm your mind.


Lilies are a classic group of gorgeous, unique flowers with a wonderful scent which has captured the hearts of people around the world. A rich, sophisticated and mild floral fragrance will definitely stay with you for a long time.


A classic Jasmine. A floral scent which is sensual, rich and sweet. A scent which will calm your mind and help in meditation.