Sugandhee candles is a creative venture of Disha who is a homemaker, happily married and mother of two kids.

The journey of making scented soy wax candles started for Disha during 2020 lockdown. After countless experiments with different waxes, wicks, jars and fragrances she finally approved her first Sugandhee candle after 8 months of research and development. Over time, with hard work and passion, Disha has developed a commendable range of scented soy wax candles.

All Sugandhee candle fragrances are chosen personally by Disha based on everyday things that inspire and bring happy memories to her. These fragrances are then carefully tested and blended with soy wax and suitable wicks to give clean, natural and long burn(18+hours burn time). The candles are hand poured, cured, packed and shipped by Disha with warmth and a personal touch, with due attention to details.

Sugandhee candles want each and every candle to be safe and pleasantly fragrant while reminding of good times and places!!